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Our Story.
In my past life working at our terribly creative/tech agency in Western Mass, we had the privilege of working with one of the leading inflatable ball manufacturers. At the time, it was the official ball of the Division 1 Men’s tournament. Even if we didn’t have this big client, in Massachusetts we’re big sports fans. We were diehard Patriots fans before they were ever any good, very rowdy Red Sox fans, and our Boston Celtics are beloved to us (especially as an Irish man). We’re the ones that are really annoying in the stadiums. So of course we ran office pools.
Back then the internet was still relatively new, and those early years with office pools was old-school. We’re talking pen on paper. The commissioner was constantly chasing pool money and stats, and not just for our office. Clients, significant others, old pals, roommates, family members, friends…pretty much anyone that heard of our league, joined. Compiling standings and stats started out as a labor of love but turned into arduous task. Obviously, technology has improved since then, but a few things stuck out from that time that formed the framework for this software. How can we incorporate all the fun (trash talk and all), to make an organized, clean interface; one that’s held securely, privately on your own website. We are a tech company after all. Equally important, how to make it look appealing. We were then and still are a creative agency. Because the commissioner is typically a slave to the “job”, we believe the software should work for you, not the other way around.


Patrick Consolati
Lee Softworks

Simple tools for an overly complex world.

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